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 We strive to breed perfect conpanion dogs with wonderful temperaments.  An enormous amount of time and energy is put into socializing our puppies.  By doing this you end up with puppies that have very calm and friendly temperaments, perfect for family companions.


 What is a Doodleman Pinscher?

The Doodleman Pinscher is produced by breeding our Doberman Pinschers to our Standard Poodle. They can weigh anywhere from 40 to 80lbs as adults. 65lbs being the average.  Height at the withers:  Males 24 to 27 inches and Females 23 to 26 inches. 

The standards above are average Doodleman Pinscher but it has been known to vary a little depending on the size of the parents.  Some Doodleman Pinschers can go over these averages.

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium sized working breed that is  the epitome of strength, agility and endurance. The Dobe the originally developed to control vermin and to be a watch dog.  Dobermans are not naturally guard dogs but can be trained to be so. Temperament: Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient.

The Doberman is a square, muscular, compact breed. Coat being smooth, short, hard thick and close lying.  Colors: Black, red,blue and fawn. 

When you combine a Doberman Pinscher with a Standard Poodle  you end up with a alert,  loyal,   intelligent, easy to train, and affectionate family companion.  Doodleman Pinscher have a very  sound reliable temperament that is very calm, quiet,  confident and very loveable.  This Breed has a great  big hart and is extremely loyal and loves human companionship.  They are very willing to alert you of everything that goes on around you. Doodleman Pinschers love the  companionship of children accepting them as a cherished family member.   This breed can be very entertaining at times and can be very silly at times. 

Doodleman Pinschers adjust well to both city and country living.  Moderate exercise is needed. If a large yard is not available for your dog to burn off energy, a long, brisk walk in a park or open field is needed. 

They make wonderful dogs for search and rescue, guiding the blind. Because they have a very alert nature they able  to detect seizures before they happen, just like Dobermans, Giant Schnauzers and Giant Schnoodles. 

Beause they are  excellent athletes,  they do wonderful in agility and flyball sports.  

Because they are eager to please their master and are very alert, they are very easy to train.


Doodleman Pinschers are very low to no sheding. They come in three different coat types: curly, wavy, and smooth. Note: the curlier the coat is the less shedding you will have and possibly none at all.  Many poodle crosses get the coat like a Poodle, but not the texture.  Because most Doodleman Pinschers don't shed or shed very lightly they are great for Asthmatic's and allergy sufferer's. 

 However you will not know what coat type and color your Doodleman Pinscher  will get untill they have their adult coat.  This is around two years of age. 


Because Doodleman Pinschers get shorter hair than the Goldendoodle, they are extremely low maintanence. Think hair like a Labradoodle.  Doodleman Pinschers can get anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of hair. 

This breed when grown looks very similar to a smaller version of a Irish Wolfhound or a Giant Schnoodle. 

Doodleman Pinscher are an outstanding breed that adapts well to the family life or will make an excellent choice for being a service dog.


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FINN (Click picture for larger view)
Finn is such a beautiful black and tan boy off of Raven. As you can see the black and tan markings do get lighter as they get older. Some black and tans even turn tri-color.
TAG (Click picture for larger view)
This is Tag our F1b( 25% Doberman 75% Poodle)Doodleman Pinscher. F1b Doodleman are great for severe allergy suffers. Coats range from wavy to curly. What a handsome boy!
ROCKY ( Click picture for larger view)
What a beautiful red coat Rocky has!!! Even our reds get some silver highlights. They never stay the same color they were born with.
FRANK (Click picture for larger view)
***EXCITING NEWS*** Frank the Doodleman is going to be featured in the 3rd edition of Rover. We are so proud of you! He has beautiful coloring. He was born black and as he got older he started getting rust coloring on his face, chest and legs.
SIRIUS (Click picture for larger view)
Sirius is one of our black and tan Doodleman off of Raven and Vader. What a beautiful puppy!
WILLOW (Click picture for larger view)
Willow is a beautiful example of our Black/Silver Doodleman Pinschers.
DEXTER (Click picture for larger view)
This is one of our Beautiful red Doodleman Pinscher. The biggest difference between a red and a fawn is the reds have more of a reddish undertone and fawns turn almost blonde.
PENNY (Click picture for larger view)
Penny is a gorgeous black and tan Doodleman off of Gabby and Mugs.
Buckley ((Click picture for larger view)
What beautiful black/silver Doodleman Buckley is! As you can see he lightened up as he got older. He has beautiful wavy coat with silver and brown highlights.
IRIS (Click picture for larger view)
Here is a great example of one of our fawn Doodleman Pinschers. She has beautiful blond highlights.
What a beautiful black/silver girl! She is 8 months in this picture. It can take 3 to 4 years for a Doodleman Pinscher to get their full coloring.
Jade 13 weeks old
What at cutie. Jade is one of our black and tan Doodleman Pinschers. She has such beautiful coloring.
Ebby is a good example of one of our Black/silver Doodleman Pinschers when they get their full coloring.
This is Ellie one of our very first black and tan Doodleman off of Gabby and Mugs. She has beautiful markings.
Gretta at a year old
She is a beautiful example of our black/silver Doodleman Pinschers. As you can see they get the Doberman markings in silver.
Here is an example of what one of our Fawn or silver /beige Doodleman Pinschers look like full grown.
Blaze is one of our fawn Doodleman Pinscher puppies out of Blue and Mugs at 4 1/2 months
Bear (Now Ruger is out of Mugs and Blues first litter. He is an excellent example of one of our smooth coated black Doodleman Pinschers.
BEAR at 14 weeks
Bear is one of our black smoother coated Doodleman babies. They tend to look like a black Doberman Pinscher but with a little longer hair.